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Rocamillionaire is an online web page created to enjoy. We want to ensure that you are able to find a site that you can join with your friends for free and chat on your private time.  No you don’t have to be a millionaire but you do have to have a millionaire since of humor. I welcome you to a site that will put things in a perspective for all individuals no matter what or who you are.  Keep you thinking is what we are set out to do here on this site.  There will be partial scripts created by the owner of the site and as well as parts of his book that will be displayed for your viewing and even your input via the chat room. We are set out to have aRocamillionaire environment that reaches out and network for you in a manner that is private to you.  Now we can't insure you that everything you say or do will not affect you on this site but we do ask that you enjoy and stay honest because here at the Rocamillionaire Club, we like our friends to be millionaires with great love for this site.  We are not responsible for what you do! So be responsible!

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